Our Clients and Their Neighborhood – Baker


Baker is a historic neighborhood located adjacent to the South Platte River bordered by 6th Ave to the north, Alameda Ave to the south, Broadway to the east and I 25 to the West.  An area of approximately 30 blocks in the Northeast corner of Baker was granted historic district designation in 2000 as part of the Historic Preservation effort of the City of Denver.  The neighborhood includes hundreds of 19th century brick houses and 39 buildings by locally famous architect William Lang.  In the 1970s, Denver named the neighborhood after Baker Junior High School (now Denver Center for International Studies) which had been named for turn of the century University of Colorado President, James Hutchins Baker, who lived in the neighborhood.  Baker offers a mix of industrial, residential and commercial properties along Interstate 25, while the area along Broadway consists mostly of shops, restaurants, and offices.  The former Gates Rubber factory to the south includes several big box stores and is the site of a major redevelopment project that is bringing a new look and vitality to the neighborhood.  In addition, Daily Park is the second largest in the neighborhood, and Baker is served by several bus lines and two light rail boarding stations.

Please meet Sara and Jake W. who love living in the neighborhood!

1.  How did you choose your neighborhood?  I was already living in the area as a renter.  A townhome became available and I decided to buy and renovate in 2005.  When my wife and I got married, we decided to stay in the neighborhood because we liked it so much.

2.  What is your favorite feature of your location?  Close to Broadway entertainment.

3.  How long have you lived in the area? 10 years

4.  Where is your favorite local spot?  Irish Rover

5.  Use one word to describe your neighborhood.  Friendly.

6.  Is there anything else you wish to share about your neighborhood?  We love Baker and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

If you desire to know more about the Baker area please visit our website.  If you have any neighborhood or real estate questions, we are always available at team@ruleproperties.com or #303-324-1703.  Stay tuned for next week’s neighborhood feature.



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