My Clients and Their Neighborhood – Berkeley


The Berkeley neighborhood, bounded by 38th Ave, I-70, Federal and Sheridan, is home to the ever so popular Tennyson Street, lined with some of Denver’s most exciting up and coming restaurants, boutiques and galleries. Berkeley has two parks, each with lakes that provide lots of open space and greenery for play time or relaxation. This neighborhood is also home to the old Elitch Gardens that is now being transformed into home developments. The convenient location to I-70 makes for easy access to downtown or the mountains. Berkeley is also close to the Highlands. Berkeley features a wide mix of homes, from brick bungalows to simple cottages to new townhomes that all make this neighborhood come alive.

Please meet Jillian and Jeremy who live in the area:

1.   How did you choose your neighborhood?  We wanted to be in a neighborhood that was close to downtown, allowed easy access to the highway and had great restaurants nearby.

2.  What is your favorite feature of your location?  We are within walking distance of several enjoyable things.  There are several parks nearby for the kids, and many restaurants and shops both on 32nd and Lowell as well as 38th and Tennyson

3.  How long have you lived in the area?  About 6 months.

4. Where is your favorite local spot?  El Camino, near 32nd and Lowell

5.  Use one word to describe your neighborhood.  Dynamic

6.  Is there anything else you wish to share about your neighborhood?  We enjoy the generational diversity, from those who have lived in this neighborhood for decades to those who have only recently moved to Denver.

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My Clients and Their Neighborhood – Cheesman Park


Cheesman Park is a serene expanse in the midst of the bustling city, a peaceful enclave for quiet contemplation, picnicking, reading, and viewing the mountains. Its seclusion is sufficient to lure anyone out to enjoy Denver’s outdoors. Cheesman Park remains a significant neighborhood gathering spot, attracting legions of joggers, walkers, picnickers, and sunbathers. Reinhard Schuetze, the original landscape architect in 1898 might also be gratified at the sight of parents and their children flocking to the west-side playground. On breezy days, the sky above Cheesman springs to life with brightly colored kites, and following winter storms, ski tracks soon crisscross the freshly fallen snow. The Cheesman neighborhood, bordered by Colfax on the north, 8th Avenue to the south, Downing on the west and York to the east, is full of tons of restaurants and shops just blocks from the park, and has the added bonus of being home to Denver’s Botanic Gardens, which hosts concerts throughout the summer, among other year round activities.

Meet Joanna, who lives in the neighborhood:

Joanna vasquez

1.  How did you choose your neighborhood? By park proximity. I wanted to be able to walk in a park every day if I could! Also wanted a city neighborhood to walk to restaurants and such.

2.  What is your favorite feature of your location?  Being two blocks from Cheesman Park. Again city walking restaurants & parks.

3.  How long have you lived in the area?  Since June 2014.

4.  Where is your favorite local spot?  The Irish Snug.

5.  Use one word to describe your neighborhood.  Nice and busy city area, something is always going on. (And actually during week, quite quiet at nights.) A wonderful change from the quiet suburbia I used to live.

6.  Is there anything else you wish to share about your neighborhood?   Very city-ish, the folks are colorful and nice, reminds me of the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco (meaning: the people and localized restaurants and such). The flowers and plants that come up all spring and summer are just gorgeous.

If you desire to know more about the Cheesman Park area, please visit my website and click the “Communities” tab. If you have any neighborhood or real estate questions, I am always available at or #303-324-1703.  Stay tuned for next week’s neighborhood feature.


Kentwood Picks Denver’s Best Burger Joints


Whether you’re craving an old fashioned hamburger or something gourmet with all kinds of fixins’, you can find a restaurant in Denver that specializes in it. From the dive burger joints to the craft burger hot spots, our Kentwood family tested them out so you wouldn’t have to! Following are just a few of our favorite hamburger haunts around the Denver metro area.

Park Burger


All Across Denver

Why We Love It:

“I love their fresh ingredients, the great atmosphere, and that they have multiple locations around the city.  I would love to see them in Downtown Brighton as that’s where I live and we need more great restaurants in Downtown Brighton” – Brigette Modglin, Broker at Kentwood City Properties

“Just a thick, juicy, beef creation with unbelievable fries covered with ranch dressing, bacon, cheese, and chives. Try the sweet potato fries and haystack onions.” – Doug Zundel, Broker at Kentwood DTC

“Park Burger simply has the most delicious burgers of all types! My favorite is the Barbecue Burger (either buffalo or turkey) with crispy onions.” – Devvy Altman, Broker at Kentwood City Properties

“Best veggie burger on a kale salad with an egg on top in town and their shakes are great!” – Keith Combs, Broker at Kentwood DTC


Park Burger is a casual, family-friendly, neighborhood restaurant serving Denver’s prize-winning burgers, fries, shakes, and beer. At Park Burger, they pride themselves on crafting the best burger using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients. They start with all natural, never frozen beef, buffalo, and house made turkey and veggie burger patties, all served on locally baked buns made exclusively for Park Burger.

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar


All Across Colorado

Why We Love It:

“I love Bad Daddy’s Burgers at the Landmark.  You can custom create your own burger and they cater to those with food allergies!” – Niki Stearman, Broker at Kentwood DTC


Bad Daddy’s philosophy to prepare simple foods (such as the quintessential hamburger) with culinary passion, satisfies a craving among restaurant-goers like nothing has before. Just about anywhere you can find a Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, you can find a multi-star review from local food critics who have raved about their burgers.

Highland Tap and Burger


2219 West 32nd Avenue, Denver 80211

Why We Love It:

“They use high quality ingredients made fresh daily. They were Reader’s Choice for 2016 Best of Westword and have been featured in Zagat, so you know the burgers are top notch. But beyond that they are community minded owners who care about the people and causes that make LoHi a great place to call home!” – Emily Chaney, Broker at Kentwood Cherry Creek


Highland Tap & Burger is truly a Colorado-born business. And, since opening in 2010, they’ve strived to create an experience that encompasses everything we love about the Colorado lifestyle. They’ve created a comfortable, casual, contemporary atmosphere with an inviting indoor dining area and a spacious patio so guests can enjoy a sunny afternoon or a chilly Colorado evening. The friendly, fun staff makes everyone feel completely at home, whether they are dining alone, with a large party, are regulars or first-timers.

Mustard’s Last Stand 


2081 South University Blvd, Denver 80210

Why We Love It:

“I have been going to Mustard’s Last Stand since my DU days, many moons ago. Then I took my kids there and it’s still a regular for the Jordan Family.” – Rollie Jordan, Broker at Kentwood Cherry Creek


Every stand has its quirks and charms, and Mustard’s Last Stand is no different, putting a Colorado twist on the Chicago-style hot dog stand with a full menu of favorites and surprises. Whether your neighborhood is in Denver or Boulder, they’ve got a seat in their comfy spot for you and yours. Stop by, have a bite, and say hello!

Juicy Burger 


6830 South Yosemite Street, Englewood 80112

Why We Love It:

“Their burgers are thick, juicy, have a ton of flavor, and a fantastic Tillamook spreadable cheddar cheese! Plus, they make their string French fries with real potatoes at the store!!” – Tom Narvaez, Broker at Kentwood City Properties


All sandwiches at Juicy Burgers & Dogs include the freshest toppings from the crisp, hand-leafed lettuce, to vine ripened tomatoes, and hand-cut Kosher pickles, sautéed mushrooms, and grilled onions. There’s something for everyone at Juicy Burgers & Dogs, made to order, just for you. There is no doubt why Juicy Burgers & Dogs was named “Best Burger in Denver” by Westword 2012. Always Fresh, Always Juicy.



321 East Colfax Avenue, Denver 80203

Why We Love It:

“Burgers – and by burgers, I mean cheeseburgers – all break down into three elements: meat, cheese, bun. Anything else: lettuce, tomato, foie gras, are merely frills meant to hide weaknesses in the trinity. There are lots of decorative burgers in Denver that taste really, really, good, but the CityGrille burger with American cheese (there’s no other cheese to put on a meat patty, seriously) has no equal. And it hasn’t for years. Plus, the decor is getting nice and dingy, which just adds to its legend. PS – Grilled onions are not forbidden decorations on this idol.” – Karl Lueders, Broker at Kentwood Cherry Creek


Helen and Nancy, the proud owners of Denver’s CityGrille, continue to offer the mouth-watering burgers and green chili which have earned CityGrille the distinction of being voted “Denver’s Best”. Having managed CityGrille for years, Helen and Nancy have added their own innovative recipes while maintaining CityGrille’s tried and true classic menu.

Crave Real Burgers 


9344 Dorchester Street, Highlands Ranch 80129 & 1550 Blake Street, Denver 80202

Why We Love It:

“They have so many burger varieties to choose from for everyone’s taste and they have out of this world shakes. My favorite combo is the Flaming Tiki with Truffle Fries and a Velvet Elvis Shake. Yum!” – Janice Beemer, Licensed Transaction Manager at Kentwood Real Estate

“Always a good time, always a new burger to try, always at an affordable price! I don’t think there is one sad person in this establishment!  – Steve Chezik, Graphic Designer at Kentwood Real Estate


Their burgers are fresh ground, lovingly hand-formed, and ready for some truly creative treatment. When you spy one of the Crave Burger Gurus apply the spatula to your chosen patty you know there’s a burger masterpiece on the way. Their take on the classic American hamburger is to marry gourmet and whimsy with the best burger patty on the planet.

My Clients and Their Neighborhood – Baker


Baker is a historic neighborhood located adjacent to the South Platte River bordered by 6th Ave to the north, Alameda Ave to the south, Broadway to the east and I 25 to the West.  An area of approximately 30 blocks in the Northeast corner of Baker was granted historic district designation in 2000 as part of the Historic Preservation effort of the City of Denver.  The neighborhood includes hundreds of 19th century brick houses and 39 buildings by locally famous architect William Lang.  In the 1970s, Denver named the neighborhood after Baker Junior High School (now Denver Center for International Studies) which had been named for turn of the century University of Colorado President, James Hutchins Baker, who lived in the neighborhood.  Baker offers a mix of industrial, residential and commercial properties along Interstate 25, while the area along Broadway consists mostly of shops, restaurants, and offices.  The former Gates Rubber factory to the south includes several big box stores and is the site of a major redevelopment project that is bringing a new look and vitality to the neighborhood.  In addition, Daily Park is the second largest in the neighborhood, and Baker is served by several bus lines and two light rail boarding stations.

Please meet Sara and Jake Webb who love living in the neighborhood!

1.  How did you choose your neighborhood?  I was already living in the area as a renter.  A townhome became available and I decided to buy and renovate in 2005.  When my wife and I got married, we decided to stay in the neighborhood because we liked it so much.

2.  What is your favorite feature of your location?  Close to Broadway entertainment.

3.  How long have you lived in the area? 10 years

4.  Where is your favorite local spot?  Irish Rover

5.  Use one word to describe your neighborhood.  Friendly.

6.  Is there anything else you wish to share about your neighborhood?  We love Baker and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

If you desire to know more about the Baker area please visit my website.  If you have any neighborhood or real estate questions, I am always available at or #303-324-1703.  Stay tuned for next week’s neighborhood feature.