My Clients and Their Neighborhoods – Wellshire/Southern Hills


The Wellshire neighborhood is in Southeast Denver, located adjacent to the Wellshire golf course, surrounded by University Hills neighborhood and Southern Hills neighborhood.  Surrounding the Wellshire golf course is the residential area which is now known as Wellshire and/or Southern Hills. In the past, this area has been one of Denver´s best “starter home” communities with modest frame and brick homes, built in the 1950´s and the 1960´s, as well as large sprawling brick ranch homes.

Now, Wellshire neighborhood is one of Denver’s most popular communities for renovations and new, custom home building. The local Slaven Schools are alluring due to the high test scores and the heavy parental involvement.

Bike riding and strolling the neighborhood still remains a daily task of the Wellshire residents. Wellshire is an enticing neighborhood with its close proximity to The University of Denver and nearby shopping in Cherry Creek and on South Pearl Street.

Please meet the Zeitlin Family: 

Tosha Z

1. How did you choose your neighborhood? Back in 2002 driving through south Denver we came across this lovely neighborhood, we loved the wide streets and big yards. We “grabbed paper” as we called it and started planning.  Shortly after we moved out of state.  Fast forward to 2008 we were again looking for neighborhoods, we stumbled upon Wellshire Heights and Southern Hills.  We remembered our days driving through and then heard about the great school, Slavens.  We set our sites and were lucky enough to find a home in time for kindergarten for our oldest son.

2. What is your favorite feature of your location? Aside from the great overall neighborhood, with great people and a blue ribbon school. All of the homes in the neighborhood are custom, no one looks exactly alike.  You get a different floor plan and different features in every house you enter.  People have done amazing jobs renovating their homes.  The minute I stepped into our home it reminded me of my family home growing up, in Hawaii.  The way the house is laid out rooms on one side and living space on the other.  We also love our yard, with big trees and room for an in ground trampoline.

3. How long have you lived in the area? This is the longest we have lived in one place, 8 years.

4. Where is your favorite local spot?   Even though its not a walk to dinner neighborhood, we are located close to everything.  We spend time in platte park, wash park, and cherry creek.  Our families favorite place to hang out is Glacier Ice Cream Shop on the corner of Hampden and University, in the new shopping center.

5. Use one word to describe your neighborhood. Family-Friendly or Perfect.

If you desire to know more about the Wellshire/Southern Hills neighborhood, please feel free to contact me. If you have any neighborhood or real estate questions, I am always available at or #303-324-1703.  Stay tuned for next week’s neighborhood feature.




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