My Clients and their Neighborhood – Highlands Ranch – Spaces Community

highlands ranchSpaces community

Spaces at The Ranch is a highly desired neighborhood. Spaces at The Ranch is a modern single family home community located in the heart of Highlands Ranch.  The community is centrally located to all of Highlands Ranch, including the 4 recreation centers exclusive to the HRCA residents.  There are many grocery stores, shops, and restaurants all within walking distance.

Meet Clint and Jessica:

Clint and Jess

1.  How did you choose your neighborhood?  We didn’t. It CHOSE us – we saw an opportunity of amazingness and we went for it – New development, new house, open space and trails right out our front door! Yes please!

2.   What is your favorite feature of your location? A new development that is totally different then the rest of Highlands Ranch – it’s hip, modern and a floor plan that caters to entertainment but keeps the coziness of everyday life.

3.   How long have you lived in the area? We have been here 1 year and 4 months

4.   Where is your favorite local spot? We still have quite a connection to our Denver “local spots” from our previous home;  however it is just a quick drive down University (so easy) to meet up at our local spots that are so close to our hearts – wait does The Ridge at Castle Pines count as a local spot??

5.  Use one word to describe your neighborhood.  Variety

6.  Is there anything else you wish to share about your neighborhood? There is a strong community group that is so easy to be a part of if desired, knowing that life is busy and it might not happen too often.  The dog park is just a skip, hop and a jump away from our front door which makes entertaining our only child very easy.  It’s really peaceful here and kept very clean and neat around us to make our exterior look very attractive all the time. Shea as a builder was great to work with and our experience thus far has been.

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Denver Metro Neighborhoods Featuring My Clients


I am lucky enough to help clients all over the Denver Metro area.  I can talk to you about LoDo to Littleton, Wash Park to Evergreen.  I thought you might enjoy a sneak peak into the neighborhoods from the locals, my clients that live there.  Every week I will be featuring a different community and some insight from these fun folks.  We are kicking it off this week with Spaces in Highlands Ranch.  Next week I will feature Platt Park with several of my clients’ insight of the area.  Please stay tuned in weeks to follow  with Washington Park, Park Hill, Stapleton, Lowry, Littleton, Belcaro and many more to come.  I am very excited to share my client’s wisdom on their community.  If you would like to learn more about these featured neighborhoods please visit my website and click on the “Communities” tab to find out more.

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